How to Generate Physical & Mental Control On the Golf Course (When You Really Need It!)

In the May issue of Golf Illustrated, I will illustrate how strengthening the muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms can lead to a generation of increased control of the clubhead throughout the golf swing. This occurs because of the improvement in physical functioning of the involved muscles that control the head of your club (including the forearm flexors & extensors, finger flexors & extensors) as the clubhead travels directly down and through the ball at impact, as well as the general path your swing travels throughout the entire swing (backswing, downswing, and follow-through).

Ask yourself this question…..”If I could do something away from the course that would improve my ability to remain in control, both over my swing and my emotions throughout my round, wouldn’t that improve my swing control and in turn help me to play a better round?” Your answer should be, “YES!”

The next question you may ask is, “What can I do away from the course that would help me to enjoy my round much more and shoot a lower score?” and “How can I convince myself that it’s worth doing?”

It’s important to remember that staying in control on the golf course, both mentally and physically, will add to both your ability to play better and your chances of having more fun! Anything you can do to improve in the area of control will enhance your chances of meeting these goals. In that regard, the connection between physical preparation and on-the-course performance cannot be overlooked. Taking the small amount of time to prepare, both at the practice tee and on your own, will add to your pleasure on the links. With that said, let’s get right to the subject:


Imagine standing at the first tee, with your body (and mind) in better shape than ever before! Picture yourself holding a driver confidently in your hands and addressing the ball. Imagine your friends watching as you make a smooth backswing, then hitting the ball, sending it farther and straighter down the center of the fairway than ever before!


“Picturing what you want to achieve is the first step to achieving it!”

I know, I know……it’s easier said than done, but it’s true. Many people who have taken the time to see themselves play at their best follow that vision with the completion of their goal. In any sport, playing with confidence leads to success…..and playing with confidence doesn’t always come naturally — it takes practice, both physically and, yes, mentally by seeing yourself as being a winner!!

Being physically fit gives you increased energy when you need it! As a round of golf progresses, that energy becomes increasingly important as you strive to maintain both mental and physical control. In addition, taking care of your body throughout your round (stretching and being sure to consume enough fluids) becomes so very important. Staying away from energy-robbing substances such as alcohol and caffeine, and taking in plenty of water (drinking at least 6 oz. every 4-5 holes) or sipping from your favorite sports drink throughout the round can help to maintain muscle balance, flexibility and control — more than you ever thought it could!

In the March issue of Golf Digest, my “Pocket Tips Fitness Guide for Golfers of All Ages” illustrates simple stretches to do at home and before, during, and even after the round that can make the difference in your ability to remain IN CONTROL!

This pocket-sized guide can convienently be taken with you as you play!

The stretches are easy to perform and clearly described — so you can do them while your partners or teeing off, or in between holes, or even while you’re sitting in the golf cart.

In conclusion, let me say this. If you are trying to play better golf and enjoy yourself more while you are on the course, take the time to take better care of your body and mind.