FanDuel is a fantasy sports provider that offers users a chance to win money in various contest formats. They also offer a season long fantasy league format for users that want to compete privately with friends and family. If you are just learning or knowledgable in sports, you can test your knowledge against others.

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FanDuel’s TV Promotions

FanDuel is currently running a couple of promotions for new users that register a new FanDuel account. The first promotion is 3 free entry tickets to a PGA, MLB and NBA contest. The second promotion is a Welcome Free Play voucher that FanDuel will give you until you get your first win in that sport. The third promotion is a 20-40% deposit bonus from your initial deposit amount. Below, I will detail the promotions.


Free Entry Vouchers for PGA, MLB and NBA Contests

FanDuel will give new users 3 vouchers to be used in an PGA, MLB and NBA contest. The PGA Welcome Free Play voucher will allow you to play in a PGA contest; MLB Welcome Free Play voucher, a MLB contest; NBA Welcome Free Play voucher, a NBA contest. With these free vouchers, you can enter contest with a chance to win paid prizes if you finish anywhere in prize payout bracket. Even before depositing money, you will already have a chance to win a paid prize. No commitment necessary.


Welcome Free Play Vouchers Until You Win

FanDuel gives you another opportunity to get your first win, even if you miss the mark in your first contest in a particular sport. You will receive a Welcome Free Play voucher that allows you enter another contest in the exact same sport. Even if you miss the prize payout bracket again to get your first win in a sport, FanDuel will give you another Welcome Free Play voucher for that same sport.


20-40% Deposit Bonus

If you decide to make your first initial deposit, FanDuel will give you a bonus based on the amount you deposit, until $100 in FDP. These bonus will come in the form of FDP, short for FanDuel Points (you can read in detail toward the bottom of the article). There will be 3 levels of deposits. The first, deposit $5 to $99, you will receive 20% credit in FDP. If you deposit $50, you will receive $10 in FDPs ($50 x 20%) credits which can be used to enter paid contests. The second, deposit $100 to $249, you will receive 30% credit in FDP. The final, deposit $250 or more, you will receive 40% credit in FDP.

Remember, this promotion is only for initial deposits. The more you deposit the more you earn in FDP. Whether you want to start small or go big, FanDuel rewards you with FDP credit that you can use enter more paid contests with an opportunity to win paid prizes. But if you choose to deposit more than $250, you will be limited to $100 in FDP.

An important thing to know about the deposit bonus, they are earned as you enter paid contest at a rate 4% per $1 in entry fee. If your initial deposit was $100, you will have $30 in FDP credit. When you enter a $25 contest you will receive $1 of your $30 FDP, leaving your available credit now at $29 FDP. This means that $1 will be added to your funds balance. You can use this $1 to enter more contests or withdraw from your balance.


Register Your New FanDuel Account

Register a new account at FanDuel to qualify for your FREE Deposit Bonus.

You can easily set-up your new account at FanDuel. All you need to do is fill out the form with the following info:

  • full name
  • email
  • screen name
  • password

You can leave the promo code field empty since it is not needed to receive your 3 free entry vouchers or your deposit credit.

Once you click on the “Play Now” button, you will agree to FanDuel’s “Terms” and “Privacy Policy”. You can also click on their “Terms” and “Privacy Policy” pages to read in detail.

FanDuel Sign-Up Form



Making a Deposit Into Your Account

To make your initial deposit into FanDuel, you will need to deposit money from a real money account. Your options for credit card are Visa, MasterCard and Discover. If you would like to use your American Express, you can use your PayPal account to make a deposit using your Amex card.

Making Your First FanDuel Deposit


You have the option to deposit $5, $25, $100, $250 or “Custom”. If you choose “Custom”, you can specify any amount, with a $5 minimum. The FanDuel deposit pages also shows you the deposit bonus you will receive. $5 deposit has an EXTRA $5 bonus, $25 deposit has an EXTRA $1 bonus, $100 deposit has an EXTRA $30 bonus, $250 deposit has an EXTRA $1 bonus or “Custom” deposit has an EXTRA bonus upto 40% but a max of $100.

After you complete your deposit, you will be able to begin entering contests to earn your deposit credit.

You can find more details on the FanDuel new player bonus at


How FanDuel Works

FanDuel has basically two modes. The first mode is “Contest”, where you can compete against others with a chance to win cash prizes. The other mode is “Friends”, this is equivalent to setting up a season fantasy for you and your friends to compete in private setting.

In “Contest” mode, you can enter contests with an entry fee ranging from free to $50,000. Each contest has a limited amount of entries. Once entries have reached their max, a contest will be closed for new participants to join. Each contest will have different game type, scoring rules, max number of entries and prize payouts. If you click on a contest, you will be able to see the contests scoring detail in the “Info” tab, who are the current participants in the “Entries” tab and brackets for prize payouts in the “Prizes” tab. Once you find a contest you like, you select your lineup and submit it. You will see confirmation of your lineup. You can always go back and update your lineup up until the start time.

If you want to play for fun in a private setting, you can use “Friend” mode. This is basically a season long fantasy league that you can set up for a private group. Whether you want to compete against a friends, co-workers or family you can choose who you want to compete against. All you need to do is click on the “Friends” tab at the top. Create a League, choose a name and choose a sport and this will create your invitation link. If they are not currently on FanDuel or you do not know their username, you can email or message the invitation link. That’s all there is to begin a fantasy league.


Entering Contest for Beginners or Higher Experience Levels

If you are new to FanDuel, you can enter “Beginner” contests. You can easily find this in the Lobby, when you click a sport. It will be a tab on the far right. This is only available to players who have entered less that 50 contests. If you’re new to daily fantasy sports, this is one of the best ways learn and to increase your chances of winning, as you will not be competing against experienced players.

Once you are ready to enter contests open to everyone. You can still view the experience levels of entrants by clicking on the “Entries” tab. Once there, you will see an icon next to a contestants name to signify if they are “Experienced” or “Highly Experienced” players. Currently FanDuel describes “Experienced” Players as someone who has entered more than 500 contests, or won $2,500 in 6 or more contests. A “Highly Experienced” player is someone who has entered more than 1,000 total contests, or won $1,000 and above in 4 or more contests.


FanDuel’s Loyalty Program – FanDuel Players Club

Everytime you enter a paid contest you will earn “FanDuel Points”, aka “FDP”. If you play FanDuel frequently and enter paid contests you will earn FDP quickly. The FanDuel Players Club is a loyalty program that allows you to enter paid contests with your earned FDP. You earn 5 FDPs for every $1 you spend on entry fees. If you enter a $25 contest, you earn 125 FDPs.



To use FDP to pay for a contest, all you need to do is go to a contest you want to enter. This will take to your lineup page, where at the bottom of “Your Lineup” there is an option to enter this contest by clicking on the blue link that says “Enter using (your total FDP) FDP”.



Just to note, FDP balances expires after one year of inactivity.

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