I live in: CRANSTON R.I.
My_name_is: Mike Giblin

Kim Brown:
It should rotate “around” to the left gradually . Think about just reversing the sequence of movements that you made on the backswing which should have been “arms, shoulders, hips”. SO: go “hips, shoulders, arms” on the downswing.
I live in: Orlando
My_name_is: Jon
comments: My son who is 11 is hooked on golf. He is doing a math fair project and wants to show how the angle of each club effects the distance and trajectory the ball travels, if you have any basic information of graphics showing each club and the amount o angle please E-Mail, thanks

Kim Brown:
Look at some of the golf club manufacturer’s web sites. Not sure where you find that on the “net”.
I live in: denver , co
My_name_is: scott
comments: i consistently hit the ball over 300 yards off the tee! Is there a way to get info about long-drive contests in my area? thanks scott

Kim Brown:
Contact the Colorado PGA office.
I live in: Kirkland, WA
My_name_is: Gene Brandli
comments: Why does shanking creep in towards the end of my practice sessions and why is shanking so much more prevalent with very short irons and half-swings. I already read about the 20 ball drill which I will try, just wondering why the shanks come and go so sporadically for me. Thanks.

Kim Brown:
The shorter shots end up being the problem because we fail to accelerate the club to the finish of the swing…tendency is to “let up” on the swing which restricts any natural forearm rotation which squares up the clubface.
I live in: dallas texas My_name_is: harry austin comments: with a swing speed of 89 miles per hour with a 5 iron, what flex rifle shaft would you recomend. i hitting to many shots that ballon when hitting into the wind and would like a more boring tajectory. thanks for your timeand effort.

Kim Brown:
The equivalent of a men’s regular. Please direct this question to the Dallas Golf “club fitting and making” web site also found within “golf in the southwest”.
I live in: South Korea
My_name_is: Bud Hancock
comments: I am a 12 handicap, but have always had an unconventional swing. I don’t keep my left arm straight on the backswing. I can correct it on the range but as soon as I get out on the course my natural swing takes over. How do I teach myself to stop this?

Kim Brown:
The left arm will continue to break down until you have developed a good, natural feeling shoulder turn. The full torso rotation is what will eventually allow you to “maintain the radius” or in other words, keep your left arm straight. Just trying to keep the arm straight will only prohibit a full swing. Develop the full shoulder turn, THEN think about keeping the left arm in the same shape, not necessarily “straight or stiff”.
I live in: Syracuse, NY
My_name_is: Jim Garland
comments: I hit all of my clubs straight…no fades, slices, draws, or hooks…except for my driver. I almost always fade the driver or slice it if I swing hard. The only way I can hit the driver straight is to choke-up on the shaft or “severly” close the face; do you have any suggestions about what I am doing wrong and how to correct it? Thanks.

Kim Brown:
If there is that big of a difference in shot pattern, get a local professional (such as Joe Tesori or Mike Doctor) to fit you in regard to your club selection. The only other primary distance is that the longer shaft will accentuate what is your normal swing tendency. Additionally, you probably make a different move at it due to a lack of confidence. Alternate hitting a club that you hit well with the driver at the range until you can make the motion feel more the same.
I live in: Hilton New York
My_name_is: Jerry Muller
comments: I am wondering if there are “tolerences” or standards around what the degree of loft for a given club can be. (for example a Pitching wedge must be 55+/-3 degrees) Are there any USGA rules or standards around this or can club manufacturers call them as they see them?
Keep your head down, Jerry

Kim Brown:
Call em as they see em…….the tendency nowadays is to strong loft the clubs, but keep a low center of gravity to allow the ball to get airborn.
I live in: Vancouver, B.C. Can
My_name_is: mark
comments: My cap is 7. I have a swing like DL III according to my CPGA pro . 2 problems: No matter what name brand set of clubs (irons & woods) I try, Icannot get any distance off my long irons and woods. I hit my 8i about 155 but hit 6,5,4,3, between 165 and 189 only. My driver, 10 deg Ping reg shaft, goes max. 230 on the fly. 5w (same brand) goes 200 max. Why?? 2 question : I 3 putt alot. I think I can be a 3-4 capper if I could putt. Main problem is distance control , also Wimping out bigtime on short curlers. Any tips? Thanks. May be a psyc problem? Confidence low.

Kim Brown:
If your swing is really like DLIII, I doubt that distance is a problem. He generates consistently long distance via a full shoulder turn and good “extension” (in other words he does not lift the club with his hands, but makes the full coiling motion while keeping the angle of the club-wrist-arm the same long into the backswing).
Three putting. Practice putting while you look at the hole…..this will help you avoid ever leaving putts short. If you eliminate your distance problem one element at a time, it will be easier to gain confidence that you need to allow yourself to perform.
My_name_is: JEFF

Kim Brown:
Contact Lee D. Singletary at (972)390-1120
I live in: Lafayette, In, USA
My_name_is: Troy E. Hepp
comments: First of all let me introduce my self. I am a electrical engineer at Purdue University. I’m working on a golf simulator for a senior design project. The jist of the project is to accurately predict a launch and impact of a golf ball in flight. Given known factors such as club velocity, Reynolds number, ball weight, and general direction in which the ball is directed, is there any studies of actual ball travel characteristics? I need this more for the reasearch then the actual building of the simulator. Secondly, is there a market for a “rainyday” simulator? I wolud also appreciate any other responses to these questions, it may be helpful in the final product design. Thanks…Troy

Kim Brown:
Contact the PING web site and then send them an e mail…..they are famous for similar testing methods.
I live in: San Diego, CA, USA
My_name_is: Casan Callaway
comments: Recently I have been pushing my shots badly, sometimes even hitting the ball off the toe of the club. The ball goes a very short distance. I think my problem comes on the downswing, because I don’t really know what part of the body should lead. Please help.

Kim Brown:
The path of your swing is moving to the left of the intended target line, that much we know…..I would guess that this tendency is from either “open” shoulders at address or from you starting the downswing with your hands instead of a gradual unwinding of the torso.
I live in: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
My_name_is: Linda Larson
comments: While watching Inside the Senior PGA Tour, I heard Al Geiberger mention that he had a foot problem called Plantar Fasciitis. I am an avid golfer suffering from the same problem. I would like to find out what Mr. Geiberger did to resolve his foot problems. I am desperate as the golf season will soon be starting in Minnesota.

Kim Brown:
You might contact the PGA Senior Tour. I am afraid I am not familiar.