Practice tips

I live in: Katy,Texas,USA
My_name_is: Daniel
My_age_is: 12
comments: I can only get out to my golf course about once of txice a week. So when I want to go out I really want to play well. I have a parking lot behing my back gate where I always go to hit golfballs, and I was wondering if you can give me some practice tips so that when I do go out to play I can shoot much lower than I am now. Thanks!

Scott Robbins:
The best way to practice to shoot better scores is to use your imagination. While practicing, imagine you are on a certain spot on the golf course and practice hitting that particular shot. It helps a lot because when you face that situation on the course it will be like Deja Vu, just like you have done it a million times before and your confidence will soar!
Let me know how it works.

Golf course architect

My_name_is: JEFF WEBER
My_age_is: 15
comments: I want to be a golf course architect and try to go on the P.G.A. tour. What courses should I be taking for a good architect background? Because I want a golf scholarship to college, give me one or to good idea I could use to achieve this goal.

Scott Robbins:
Look at colleges that have agronomy courses and research areas like Texas A&M University and Penn State University. Check with the superintendent at your local course and see if he can advise you of other schools with the same opportunities.
To get a golf scholarship, prepare a resume of tournaments played in and finishes in chronological order; write the coaches at the schools you want to play at; and third, play a lot of AJGA and/or PGA Junior Series events so that coaches can watch you play.
Good Luck,

Swinging outside in

– I live in: Gaylord Michigan United States of America.
My_name_is: Eric Crawley
My_age_is: 12
comments: I have a problem of swinging the club outside-in instead of inside out. How could I correct that? -out. How could I get myself out of that habit?

Scott Robbins:
This is a very common problem. First be sure your backswing is in the proper position at the top and then try and hold your shoulders back and swing the club toward the right and about knee level. This will give you a new feel before you hit any balls.
When you start to hit shots, feel the same path through the ball and feel like your front (left for right handed player) shoulder goes up and to the right as you swing through the shot. As the left shoulder goes up, your swing will start to move more inside out. Try those at first and then find the PGA Golf Professional who works closest to you and have him look at your swing and offer suggestions.

Golf camp

– I live in: Richlands, Va. USA
My_name_is: Jason Barber
My_age_is: 11
comments: I have been playing golf for about 4 years. I participate each summer in a junior golf program at our local country club. I would like to know two things: 1. Is there any particular golf camp you can recommend for children my age? 2. How can I get information relative to junior tournaments that I can participate in.

Scott Robbins:
I recommend any of the Nike Golf Camps that might be close to you. Also check with the PGA Professional closest to you and ask if he has or the PGA Section has any camps available and also what tournaments and/or tours are available in Virginia.
Good Luck,

Keeping backswing slow

– I live in: Burford Golf Club,Oxfordshire,United Kingdom
My_name_is: Andrew Taylor
My_age_is: 15!!!
comments: How Can I keep a slow back swing consitantly slow!!! MY TIP:Keep your back swing slow and low it works

Scott Robbins:
The key to a “slow” backswing is being sure that all moving body parts are moving at the same time. Be sure your hands are moving at the same speed as your arms and arms are at the same speed as your shoulders. To help, concentrate on making the handle and the clubhead move back at the same pace in the backswing.
A slow backswing does not necessarily need to happen. Lanny Wadkins has won many tournaments, including majors, with a quick swing that matches his personality. Concentrate on controlling the whole club and shaft and you will find your proper backswing pace.

Chipping 50 yards and closer

– I live in: Alliance Nebraska USA
My_name_is: Ri Kunzman
My_age_is: 16
comments: I shoot really good, Like in the 70’s to low 80’s, but my big problem is my chipping. I would shoot a lot better is my chipping was better, like 50 yards and in. What should I do?

Scott Robbins:
Pitching is just mini swings. Concentrate on swinging the handle back and through with your arms, very little body movement and maximum wrist cock. This will create a sharper blow on the ball, more loft and softer shots. Try this first and then find a PGA Professional to look at you and help you with your pitching.

Broken windshield

– I live in: Daytona Beach, Florida
My_name_is: Nikki Sewart
My_age_is: 16
comments: I hit a ball from a fairway next to a city street. The ball landed on the asphalt cart path next to the green. It took a big bounce over the fence and another bounce on the street and struck a car on the windshield. Breaking the wind shield. Who is liable? Me, the course, or the driver?

Scott Robbins:
This is a legal question I am unqualified to answer. However, I don’t believe it is you. GET A LEGAL OPINION!

Hitting too far right

– I live in: Ames, Iowa
My_name_is: Todd Zoerink
My_age_is: 19
comments: I have been golfing for about a year and a half and my problem seems to be off the tee. my shots have good distance but they are going way right (starts straight then goes right). I was told that i was not swinging out at the target. is this true? Please give me some tips to keep my ball on the fairway.

Scott Robbins:
You are swinging too far from behind the ball. Try and swing your arms farther to the left with your left arm coming close to your body at impact and hold the club up in front of you at finish and above your left shoulder. The more you swing your left arm to the left, the better your path and clubface will be at impact. Let me know how it goes. Also, look into investing in a golf lesson with the nearest PGA Professional.