To produce consistent, long, high and drawing shots, the golf swing must return the golf club into the same position it starts in. To produce the speed for length, the club must swing on an arc.

That arc then must swing at relatively the same angle going back and through to return the club to the proper position at impact to influence direction and trajectory. Let’s refer to that angle as the plane the club swings on.

The starting position, or posture, can predict where the club will be swung. If the player stands with the back too erect, the club will naturally swing too parallel to the ground, and in order to hit the ball, adjustments will have to be made to get the club back to the ball.

If the player is too bent over and the shoulders too parallel to the ground, the club will naturally swing too perpendicular to the ground. There too, adjustments will have to be made to get the club to the ball.

Posture at address predicts the plane your shoulders, arms and club will swing on.

To have the best chance at an easy, efficient golf swing, concentrate on your posture and remember:

Perfect Posture Predicts Proper Plane, the 5 P’s.

The Perfect Posture is:

The spine is relatively straight
Bent at the hips
Flexed slightly at the knees
The arms are hanging in a relaxed manner over the toes
Pressure is felt towards the balls of the feet, in the front of the thighs
There is a slight tilt forward towards the ball

Perfect Posture does not guarantee a perfect plane, but it does make it easier to learn an easier, more efficient golf swing.