More competitive junior tournaments

I live in: Spokane, Washington, USA
My_name_is: David Fern
My_age_is: 14
comments: I am a serious golfer and I played in many city tournaments this summer, but next year I want to get into much more competitive tournaments. Could you suggest any or do you remember any when you were my age? Also, what 3 clubs in the bag are most important?

Scott Robbins: David,
It sounds like you might be ready to test your game with the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). They played tournaments all around the nation during the summer, fall and spring. The address for them is: 2415 Steeplechase Lane Roswell, Georgia 30076 Phone: (770)998-4653
Also check with the PGA of America at in regards to their Junior Tour program started last summer. Also check with the Pacific Northwest section of the PGA in Olympia at (360)456-6496 and ask what type of sectional tournaments are available in your state for juniors.
And the most important 3 clubs? Driver, Wedge and Putter.
Drive it in play and get it up and down with your wedge and putter when you miss a green and make lots of birdies when you do.
Good Luck,
Scott Robbins

Too confusing

I live in: jackson wi usa
My_name_is: william h. bounty
My_age_is: 17
comments: I have studied ernest jones & manuel de la torre throughly. they believe the ability to make a dollar at teaching has made students worst off. what is your opionion on this belief? do you think the leadbetters & the ballards are making the game too confusing just to sell a book & video? Thank you whb

Scott Robbins: William,
You sound as if you are a true student of the game. I believe that the more information you gather can either enhance your golfing abilities or confuse you to death.
As an instructor, I read as much as I can, go to seminars, go watch other teachers and try and learn as much as I can about teaching this great game. From each teacher I observe or read I learn how they explain the fundamentals of the golf swing. I do this because I have found out that everybody hears differently and I need many different ways to explain things to be able to effectively communicate the fundamentals to my students.
I believe the fundamentals are what every player should work on during practice. Keep reading and researching how these different instructors explain the fundamentals (grip, stance, alignment, posture and swing plane) to get a better understanding of the game.
Most importantly though, find an instructor that you can communicate with and is willing to give you his best effort to make your game better. It might not be the same one your best friend goes to. Find the one you believe in and that believes in you.
Good Luck,
Scott Robbins

Coming over the top

I live in: New York
My_name_is: John
comments: I am coming over the top real bad. My divit points points left and i feel myself lunging at the ball producing a rather weak left to right shot. In the past my ball flight was a draw right to left, I was never right. Now its completely going the other way.

Scott Robbins: John, Let’s get back to that draw!!!
The path of your downswing is too much from the outside. There are many possibilities for the cause. Check your set up first, making sure you are in a balanced and athletic position.
Secondly, check your backswing. The reason I say this is that when someone is lunging at the ball and coming across the line, it is sometimes because their arms are out running their body. That will sometimes start in the backswing when the arms start first and then fall behind the body. The reaction is for the arms to speed up and outrun the body on the downswing.
How to you fix it? First tee up a ball and put a tee on each side of the ball a little wider that your clubhead. Then try and hit the teed ball without disturbing the other tees. This will help you produce a more rounded sweeping swing instead of a choppy across your body motion.
Work on that for a while and get yourself to the nearest PGA Professional for a diagnosis and a lesson as soon as possible.
Good Luck,

Competing in golf

I live in: Dallas,Texas,USA
My_name_is: Cayce Greiner
My_age_is: 11
comments: Hello. My name is Cayce Greiner. I an very interested in golf. I have been playing this sport since I was thee years old. My dad often takes me to practice at the driving range or to play nine holes with him at the golf corse. Every time we go I improve some. When I grow up I want to be a pro golfer. About how long should I wait before I start competing? -Cayce

Scott Robbins: Cayce,
Sounds like you are ready to try out the Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation Wescott Tour this summer. There are some really great programs for instruction and playing for guys your age and older. Call or have your Dad call Chris Knight at the NTPGA office at (972) 881 -4653 (881-GOLF).
Tell him I told you to call. Call me at (972) 247-5622 if I can be of any help.
Scott Robbins

Practice during offseason

I live in: Lilly,Pa.,USA
My_name_is: Sam Albarano
My_age_is: 17
comments: Since I unfortunatly live in an area where the weather is not for golf all year round. I was wondering, what are some good practice meathods and weight training methods that will help keep my game on track and maybe even help it improve?

Scott Robbins: Sam,
Some of the best players I knew growing up were from Michigan where they had to practice indoors for a good part of the year. Probably the best exercise, the one that Ben Hogan used, is to swing a weighted golf club. Look in golf stores and catalogs, there are some for sale.
Stationary bike riding will keep your legs in shape. Sit ups will firm your abdomen and therefore strengthen your back. Light dumbbell lifts with your shoulders will strengthen your rotators, neck and shoulders. And most important of all, learn some good stretches so you build strength and flexibility.

Being a PGA Pro

I live in: Bedford , Iowa
My_name_is: Kyle Ritchie
My_age_is: 12
comments: I am a junior golfer in Iowa . I have a school project on golf . In your opinion , what is the best part of your job ?The worst? What is the pay ? Do you get enough time off ? In August I went to Florida for the UCT International Golf tournament. I placed 14th .

Scott Robbins: Kyle,
Great questions. The best thing about my job is the most difficult question. I really enjoy teaching because everybody learns differently and my challenge is to quickly figure out how someone learns so I can have the greatest and quickest effect on changing their golf swing for the better. I really enjoy the people, especially the juniors. I really enjoy listening to my students come back and tell me how well they played on a certain day or trip. I enjoy watching my students improve.
The worst? Bad weather. I can’t get out and teach when it’s a monsoon or 10 degrees.
The pay at times is well worth it because of how I can see I have touched someone’s life. Other times (when it is bad weather and there are no lessons) it isn’t very good.
For me, I work for myself and therefore I can take the time off that I need to spend with my children or family or vacationing.
Keep working on your game, Kyle and go back down to Florida and place in the top 5 this year!
Good Luck,
Scott Robbins

PGA job listings

I live in: San Francisco, CA, US
My_name_is: Wendy Lee
My_age_is: 21
comments: I want to find out some information on job listings inside the PGA. I am a senior at the University of San Francisco graduating with a Marketing Degree. I am very interested in working for the PGA in Public Relations. Could you please see if there are job listings available or if there is anyone I could contact? Thank you With regards, Wendy Lee

Scott Robbins: Dear Wendy,
It is refreshing to hear that someone like you wants to enter our business from a marketing standpoint. The national PGA office is :
PGA of America
100 Avenue of the Champions
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418
Jonathan Last is in the Consumer Marketing Department. Try that to start and I am sure that Mr. Last can start you in the right direction.
Best Wishes,
Scott Robbins

Hitting right

I live in: Flower Mound, Texas
My_name_is: Beau Burgess
My_age_is: 16
comments: I am usually a good golfer, but lately i have been dipping my shoulder making the ball go to the right. How would you correct this? Thanks, Beau

Scott Robbins: Beau,
It sounds like you have diagnosed the effect of your golf swing. The question is, what is making you dip your right shoulder? The ball going to the right means the clubface is open at impact and if the right shoulder is dipping, it sounds as if the club is coming into the ball form and outside path. Therefore, try to check the path of your swing coming into the ball. Try to swing the club to the right with more arms than body and square the clubface with your arms and hands.
Try that for awhile and then call me at (972)247-5622 and I will be glad to look at your swing. I am located only about 15-20 minutes from you.
Best of luck,
Scott Robbins

Golf course architect

I live in: North Vernon IN USA
My_name_is: derek young
My_age_is: 17
comments: I am interested in becoming a golf course architect and cannot find any information on colleges that may offer any courses that would help in getting started in this occupation.

Scott Robbins: Derek,
There are some great schools with agronomy majors like Penn State and Texas A&M. There are also schools with Professional Golf Management Programs (PGM) like Ferris State, New Mexico State and Mississippi State that might have courses in Golf Course architecture.
I apologize that I cannot be of more help but maybe if you start with these schools they can point you in the right direction.
Best of Luck,
Scott Robbins