We all know by now that being fit will help you play your best golf. Given that fact it is wise indeed to decide just how important setting specific fitness goals are to you — as they relate to playing better on the golf course. This process of setting your particular goals must be taken with the utmost seriousness, and undertaken with the determination to follow-through on those goals to their very end.

Many times we see people, whether athletes or those throughout our daily lives, set and achieve noble and worthwhile goals for themselves. We look at these people with a sense of awe and admiration, and ultimately wish the same success on ourselves. But we often fail to live up to the standards that we so often “dream” of. Why is that? What keeps us from achieving the goals that we know deep down will give us the greatest long-term satisfaction, the kind of satisfaction that lets us look back and know we had given our absolute best to be our best.

Setting and attaining goals (fitness or general goals) can be broken down into three important steps:
1) Ask yourself, “Why am I committed to this goal?” Give specific and worthwhile reasons. These reasons must be strong enough for you to take action on them.
2) WRITE DOWN your goals. This can be achieved in the development of a goals chart. The act of writing down your goals will commit them to a “subconscious” level and make you more committed to achieving them. You must record both your short-term and long-term goals, why you are committed to each goal, in what time frame you wish to achieve them, and your method for achieving each goal. And remember to keep your goals both realistic and achievable.
3) REWARD yourself. Constantly give yourself praise. Do it daily, but only when you deserve it!

As you begin an exercise program, become aware of your attitudes, feelings and emotions. Each week, reflect on how you felt about your efforts in sticking to your fitness training program. What did you feel were the positive aspects of the week? What were the negative aspects? Write them down. Doing so will keep you focused on your original goals and motivate you to achieving them. THINK LONG-TERM! Don’t let the little slip-ups in your exercise or eating habits get you down. Remember, it is a journey to achieve your fitness goals (or any goal, for that matter), and it isn’t suppose to happen overnight!

Think of yourself as a mountain climber….You are taking it one jagged cliff at a time, placing the utmost care and effort into each movement and decision. You know that if you become careless and rush into a decision in haste, it could cost you dearly. However, if your goals are carefully planned out and patiently executed, you are likely to succeed. And, you will enjoy the climb all the more!!

Your fitness goals are just like the goals of a mountain climber. Taking it one step (day) at a time, investing the time to receive the rewards, will pay off with the largest and most generous dividends. You will feel better, look better, and play a better game on the golf course!!

Best of luck!!