Keith Foster’s unique design is among the D/FW area’s elite.

While developing the Texas Star Golf Course with the City of Euless, noted golf architect Keith Foster was looking to find the right balance between nature and golf. The result – a uniquely challenging test of strategic golf on a course which earned a “” rating from Golf Digest.

According to Foster, an important success factor was how positive the city of Euless was. “They realized how much potential the project had and took an aggressive approach to develop a wonderful upscale project and recreational amenity complete with softball and soccer fields,” said Foster. “As a by-product we were able to build off of our past projects, such as the Quarry and Sun Ridge Canyon, and develop a course that could benefit the residents.”

“Our job was to find the right holes for the land so that it feels like it has always been there,” said Foster. “Nature is important to the city of Euless and they take pride in their trees, as evidenced by the Arbor Daze Celebration.”

“We wanted the golf course to be an extension of their beliefs, doing things for the future which benefit nature for the long term,” continued Foster.

Accuracy is the key at High Mesa, the challenging 3rd hole.

A large stream, Hurricane Creek, slashes through the heavily wooded site, playing an integral part of holes 9, 11 and 18 while making a presence on 2, 8 and 10. Texas Star also has a San Antonio Hill Country feel. Several holes have vistas with 40 to 50 feet rises and drops in elevation. Whenever possible, Foster left nature alone. Stray too far off of the generous fairways and you may find yourself in knee deep native grasses. Other obstacles include Scottish links style eyebrows, ridges, sand and grass bunkers.

“One of the great benefits of golf is being out in nature. It allows you to get out, get away and have fun,” … Keith Foster

Texas Star Golf Course

Texas Star is a strategic course. With a choice of a number of tee boxes and changing pin placements (the sprinkler heads feature 3 different yardages); the preferred way to play the hole may change on a daily basis. Golfers will need to “hit good balls into areas to get the perfect views,” explained Foster.

Golfers will probably hit every club in their bag as they make their way through the doglegs and elevation changes. A well-rounded short game will come in handy as a number of different types of pitches and chips will be required. The course features large, undulating greens with the new G-2 Bent grass, while the fairways are 419 Bermuda.

“We wanted to more or less create a nature walk,” explains Foster. “We want the golfer to experience nothing but golf – a place where golfers can enjoy the golf for golf’s sake.”

Foster succeeds, as players rarely see other holes while making their way around the course. Golfers will feel isolated from the surrounding community and even the adjacent recreation area. Although the D/FW Airport is only a few miles away, the planes are never heard. The cart paths, which are often hidden on holes, become the Texas Star nature trail and the shaded areas between holes are appreciated during the late summer Texas heat.

Texas Star Golf Course

The adventure begins with Reveille, the sweeping 425-yard par 4 opening hole. The seventh, Tombstone, is a 516 yard downhill par 5 that doglegs right from the second shot to the small green which is well guarded on the right side by bunkers and trees.

Hurricane Creek crosses Devil’s Point, the 422 yard, par 4, ninth hole. A large tree dominates the tee shot from the back tees, forcing a fade or a very large hook. A box on the 9th tee allows you to phone in food orders that can then be picked up by going through the drive-through window at the halfway house.

The back nine opens with Johnson’s Crossing, a 539-yard par 5 that slopes left. Following the uphill tee shot, golfers must negotiate the creek, which crosses in front of the green, on their downhill second shots.

Double Barrel is the fun double-fairway 337-yard par 4 eleventh hole, which features three bunkers surrounded by thick grass on a ridge in the middle of the fairway.
Coyote Bluff is a 414-yard par 4 with an uphill tee shot to the highest point of the course. Proper calculations are required on this 13th hole, as there is a severe drop in elevation to the green.

Battle Cry, the exciting 370-yard par 4 fifteenth hole, is one of the most memorable. It can be played two or three different ways, as you can lay-up in front of the creek and lake or choose to hit over the creek into the best angle to the green.

Presidio, the scenic 179-yard downhill par 3, follows. The hole features a rock wall and a grotto to the right of the green. The finishing hole, Deguello, is a 535-yard par 5 risk and reward hole. Hurricane Creek is along the left side of the hole, which is overlooked by the state of the art pavilion and clubhouse and makes one final presence, crossing the hole in front of the green.

Keith Foster and the City of Euless have teamed up to produce an outstanding facility that rivals any of the public access courses in Texas. Foster may have once again raised his own standards for golf course design.